Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Dr. Dabber SWITCH


The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a revolutionary, patent-pending induction heating vaporizer for both oils and flowers. With the press of a button, you can transform the SWITCH from a full fledged oil rig into an electric flower vaporizer. This unmatched versatility, paired with the incredible heating speed and unparalleled battery life puts the Dr. Dabber SWITCH in a league of it's own. With 150 uses on a single charge as well as pass-through charging, the SWITCH can be used as both a desktop and a portable vaporizer. Welcome to the Future.

  • Multiple Modes for Multiple Materials:

    • Leaf Mode
    • Oil Mode
    • Advanced Modes (25 Settings for Oil & Leaf)
    • Crystal Mode (Additional Accessory Required

    Precision Heating Induction Cups:

    • White Ceramic
    • Black Ceramic
    • Crystal (Sold Separately)

    Customizable Hold Times:

    • Need more heat for longer? Set your own hold time that works for you!

    Self Cleaning Mode:

    • A high energy heat cycle that burns away any remaining residue in the Ceramic Induction Cups.

    Auto Cool Down Cycles:

    • Never worry about your device overheating, the SWITCH automatically cools down after each heat cycle protecting the electronics and extending it's lifespan.

    Standby Lighting:

    • 25 LED Light Show Options
    • Stealth Mode (No Top Lights)

    Integrated Power Management:

    • Pass Through Charging
    • 150+ Cycles On Full Charge
    • Robust charging port & connectors

    Glass Percolator Attachment:

    • 50mm Ground Glass Fitting
    • Beautiful Hourglass Profile
    • Heavy Duty Borosilicate

    Stylish Design:

    • Quality Tactile Satin Finish
    • Solid Foundation
    • Simple & Intuitive Interface
    • Output Power up to 120 watts
    • Battery Capacity of 33.3 watt-hours
    • 64kb memory
    • LiFePO4 non-volatile battery cells built into battery pack (non-explosive batteries, one of the safest on the market)
    • Pass through charging
    • Over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, and reverse-polarity protection built into the unit

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