Beard Gains - Prestige Beard Balm

Success, rank, wealth, only the most daring rub this balm into their beard. Masculine manly scented with a dash of admiration and respect. It's not by chance any man with this fragrance in his beard reaches the achievement of perfection.

- Beard Gains offers the best smelling balms period. Our proprietary blend has been a game changer in how a balm is supposed to smell. Beard Gains is the first company to offer a product that doubles up as beard care and cologne.




  • INGREDIENTS: Organic Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Bees Wax, Fragrance (Naturally Derived)
Every company always claims to have the best in beard care. Truth is they probably don't even manufacture it. Beard Gains is an in house production so we know exactly what ingredients go in our balm and we know exactly where it comes from.

We go the extra mile with imported essential oils from India to ensure grade A+ quality.

Stay away from cheap fragrance additives that damage your beard instead of help.

Lastly we measure out premium butters and carrier oils to perfection to get the right consistency for an impeccable product.


Making a quality superior product isn't cheap! We encourage you to compare our products to the competition. From our leather cases down to the plastic heat shrink wrap, it's important to know what you are paying for.

We want our customers to appreciate the value of Beard Gains based off the quality of ingredients in each product, where the ingredients come from, who is manufacturing your beard care, and where exactly is your beard care being manufactured from.

Know the difference, see the difference, feel the difference. Beard Gains.


• Use back of thumb & scrap half dime size
• Rub paste together till melted
• Deeply massage into your beard & skin with finger tips
• Comb, tame & shape
• Reapply as necessary
• Apply Beard Gains Imported Beard Oil to add ultimate health, softness & sheen

Beard Gains - Prestige Beard Balm